Undergraduate study at SOAS

Students are drawn to SOAS by its international reputation for academic excellence, as well as for the opportunity to study in a lively and international environment with like-minded individuals who feel passionately about contemporary world issues.

Degree combinations in law, politics, economics, finance, business, management, the arts, humanities and languages provide many options for study, in either single-subject or two-subject (combined) degrees. 


Anthropology is a discipline that bridges the gap between the humanities and the social sciences. It draws on and is in conversation with religion and philosophy, history, cultural and media studies, and literature on the one side, and sociology and politics on the other.


Economics at SOAS probes the mechanism of society and explains the factors and processes that underpin production, exchange and distribution, in order to effectively inform economic policy, as well as to understand the consequences of economic and social well-being.


From the Crusades to the contemporary Middle East, 14th century indigenous warfare to 20th century Islam in South East Asia, the Mughal Empire to Gandhi, slavery to Muslim societies in West Africa, and modern China to modern Japan, History at SOAS offers its students a unique window on the world in order to develop your understanding of the fascinating histories relating to Africa, Asia and the Near and Middle East.


In an increasingly interconnected world, studying the laws of a single jurisdiction has become less tenable. Legal issues often transcend national borders and legal ideas have travelled far beyond their places of origin. With decades of teaching the laws of the developing world, SOAS Law continues to provide our students with an understanding of law and a set of employable skills reaching far beyond more traditional degrees.

Creative Arts

Both theoretical and practical, this interdisciplinary degree gives insight into the artistic expressions of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Develop practical skills in radio, curating, film festivals and musical performance both within taught modules and assignments.

Finance and Management

Our degree programmes provide theoretical understanding of finance and management that includes specialist knowledge of economies, organisations, and businesses in Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East – and help graduates make a real difference in the world.

History of Art and Archaeology

From performance masquerade in West Africa to the visual cultures of China and Japan, the archaeology of Morocco and Ethiopia to the temples of South East Asia, and from the sophisticated book cultures of South Asia and the Middle East to questions of identity in museums and contemporary art exhibitions, History at SOAS covers a plurality of themes and theoretical approaches.



The teaching of music at SOAS recognises no geographical, cultural or social boundaries. You will study at least one instrument or vocal style from specific regions of Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as the African diaspora – including Cuba – learning directly from one of our expert teachers. No other university in the world offers such a range of teaching or such a concentration of research specialists in these areas.

Religions and Philosophies

A culture’s religion and philosophical thought encapsulates its people’s values and ideas, sets forward their role models and is integrally related to a sense of identity for many. So in studying religions and/or philosophies, one is studying how people reflect on and react to what they consider to be of ultimate significance and value.

Development Studies

On a Development Studies degree at SOAS, you will cultivate a deep knowledge of the causes of – and responses to – poverty, marginalisation and vulnerability in developing countries, as well as the process of dramatic social, economic and political change.

Global Liberal Arts

Broad but rigorous, this course is designed for students who wish to explore a range of subjects from arts and humanities, to languages and social sciences. Gain a sophisticated understanding of the world as a whole, as well as the skills you need to succeed in your future career.

Languages and Cultures

At SOAS, we are committed to delivering specialist language-based scholarship in combination with regional focus and disciplinary skills. Our work covers a fascinating mix of cultures, languages, religions and traditions, many in dynamic, fast developing regions, which are assuming an increasingly important strategic role in global affairs.

Politics and International Studies

What distinguishes a SOAS Politics degree from any other is its truly global perspective. Our international student body is renowned for its engagement with the major political issues of our time, making SOAS one of the most exciting universities in the world to learn about Politics and International Relations with a focus on Africa, Asia and the Near and Middle East.

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