Postgraduate study

We provide exceptional support to our valued cohort of postgraduate students, both on the research and taught tracks of study. Whether you wish to specialise in your chosen discipline or explore options across the whole breadth of modules available – SOAS provides a nurturing educational environment.


Anthropology is at the heart of SOAS, being central to the shared objective of widening horizons, fostering cross-cultural perspectives, challenging taken-for-granted assumptions, and critical engagement with urgent issues.

At SOAS you will find a community of teachers, researchers and students who are motivated by an irrepressible curiosity about the world and a firm commitment to the highest standards of academic rigour.


At SOAS, we offer an extraordinary window on the world. Our teaching and research explores the history of our regions through multiple lenses by drawing on a huge range of expertise in culture and religion, gender, economics, law and politics, technology and warfare.

As the only UK History department devoted to Africa, Asia and the Middle East, you can expect more from SOAS. From the Crusades to the contemporary Middle East, 14th century indigenous warfare to 20th century Islam in Southeast Asia, slavery to Muslim societies in West Africa, Modern China to modern Japan, we want you to experience all that this rich discipline has to offer.

Development, Environment and Policy

We offer specialist postgraduate degree programmes via distance learning that provide internationally-recognised University of London postgraduate qualifications.

Our research seeks to address some of the greatest challenges of our times: how to satisfy the aspirations of a rapidly growing global population, including eradicating the poverty still experienced by many of these people, whilst at the same time managing the environmental systems and resources on which life and wellbeing depend.

These challenges are inter-related in complex ways, with important ethical, political, economic, social and technical dimensions, and we recognise the need for informed professionals with the inter-disciplinary skills to tackle these issues effectively.

Languages and Cultures

Do the languages we speak shape the way we think? How will the issues of class, ‘race’, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, representation and religion shape our evolving global society? At SOAS, we are passionate about delving into our rich shared history of development to discover how our minds work and what it means to be human.

Our programmes are taught by world-leading specialists engaged in research grounded in a knowledge of the principal languages and cultures of two thirds of humankind.


Only at SOAS will you receive a musical education that is devoted to the full tapestry of world music. We are an internationally recognised centre for research and teaching of the musics of the world and the discipline of ethnomusicology.

Our students include or become performers of music from all over the world, and our graduates pursue a wide variety of fulfilling careers in music and other fields.


Arts at SOAS is a world-leading centre for study and research involving visual and sound arts, material and intangible cultures, media industries and digital cultures of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and their global diasporas. There are many arts degrees available bringing together scholars and students from three units at SOAS: the Department of the History of Art & Archaeology.


Modern economics cannot be understood in the context of today’s complex and more integrated world without a proper understanding of history, political economy and the various issues that proliferate in the developing world.
That is why SOAS is the superior choice for anyone seeking the most rounded education possible in the field.
At SOAS you will find a vibrant research culture that combines mathematics, statistical techniques and mainstream economic theory with some of the core heterodox approaches, including Marxism, feminism and Schumpeterian and behaviouralist perspectives.

History of Art and Archaeology

We are unique in our coverage of the arts, archaeology, architecture and material culture of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, from ancient times to the present day. The range of teaching and the concentration of research specialists that you will find at SOAS is unparalleled anywhere in the UK.

Consider this with the fact that our central London location affords you easy access to the collections at the British Library, British Museum and our very own world-renowned SOAS Library, which houses over 1.2 million volumes.


From human rights to international trade and commerce, environmental law to development, we promise to enrich your understanding and prepare you for a career in a more integrated world. Our research, which is of the highest calibre, focuses on legal systems and legal challenges in the Global South, covering Africa, Asia and the Middle East, English Law, Comparative Law, Regional and International Law.

You will join a community built on distinguished expertise and a passion for how the law can make a difference on the local, national and international stage. Our distinguished alumni include lawyers, judges, politicians, businessmen/women and activists throughout the world.

Politics and International Studies

As a student, you will engage in research that has a tangible effect on the real world by interacting with scholars who take a challenging and heterodox approach to important issues that affect the lives of people in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The high concentration of specialists in these regions, unmatched anywhere in the UK, means that our expertise is highly sought after by governments, international agencies, non-governmental organisations and the global mass media.

Development Studies

Combining political economy, globalisation, migration and displacement, conflict, agrarian change, labour movement and political ecology, Development Studies at SOAS is engaged with understanding, challenging and contributing to vital debates about social, political and economic change.

We critically evaluate development practices in the context of societal change, seeking new insights that can benefit communities as well as international and local agencies working with the people affected.

Finance and Management

Studying Finance and Management at SOAS will allow you to develop a truly international perspective and an unrivalled understanding of key issues shaping international business strategy; world financial markets; the performance of companies; and today’s global economies.

SOAS postgraduate programmes are rigorous, relevant and real. We provide real-world, industry-relevant programmes with a strong core foundation of international finance and management, taught from a global economic perspective, which produces students who go on to shape society through professional and managerial roles.

Gender Studies

The programmes in Gender Studies offer an interdisciplinary approach that conducts teaching on areas of gender studies, feminist theory and sexuality studies in relation to Asia, Africa and the Middle East and their diasporas.

Our programmes are designed primarily for those wishing to undertake study of gender at a post-graduate level regardless of the focus of their undergraduate degree.

International Studies and Diplomacy

Our programmes are designed to provide a gateway into the international arena that is shaping today’s global relations. We’ll help you to develop the valuable critical thinking, research, and writing skills that will enable you to make a difference in the world in whatever career you choose.
You will gain cross-disciplinary training in diplomacy, economics, law and politics as well as have access to media training. You might find yourself travelling to Brussels, Geneva or Paris for a week long European study tour as part of your degree, while gaining invaluable training in negotiation, speech writing, and policy analysis – to prepare you for a career in global diplomacy.

Media Studies

We live in an age of rapid technological development, where every digital advance brings us closer to the creative practitioners on neighbouring continents. At SOAS, our focus is to examine the media in all its forms, old and new, challenging the Eurocentric view and encouraging you to think more dynamically about a myriad of perspectives.

Religions and Philosophies

We offer the opportunity to study a wider range of religious and philosophical traditions in more depth than at any other UK higher education institution. With our highly diversified expertise, our comprehensive resources, and our interdisciplinary approach we offer a unique learning and research environment for a truly inter-cultural approach to systems of belief and thought in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Entry criteria and English Language requirements

SOAS welcomes applications from those with an Upper Second Class degree (2:1) or above in their UK Bachelor degree. Applicants with a Bachelors degree from a 211 or 985 university in China will be considered for entry if they have a minimum passing grade of 80% or GPA 3.3. Graduates from non-211 or 985 institutions can be considered on a case-by-case basis. Relevant work experience may also be considered.
Applicants whose first language is not English must show that their level of English is sufficient to follow an academic programme in English. Our requirements currently include:

Our minimum direct entry level for English proficiency is IELTS: Academic 6.5 overall with 6.5 in writing and speaking and 6.0 in reading and listening.

Postgraduate Admissions

The Course Enquiries Team provides all the information, advice and guidance you need prior to the submission of an application to study at SOAS.

Contact: / 0044 207 898 4700

How to apply

Please apply through our online application system.

Your information is transmitted through a secure server and is kept confidential until you submit your application. Applications for the forthcoming academic year will be accepted from November onwards. Upon submission, your application will be available for review by our admissions team . We assess applications as a whole and take into consideration academic achievements, references, supporting statement and relevant

experience before reaching a decision.

Please note: applications will not be considered unless they are complete, with all necessary

supporting documentation, including academic transcripts, degree certificate (if you have graduated), supporting statement, CV and two references.

If you are an applicant please contact the postgraduate admissions team:

When accepting your offer, and to secure your place, you will be required to pay a deposit of £1,000, which will be held against your tuition fee.

Fees and Funding:

Fees for 2019 entry: please check against programme included within the subject pdfs above.



We have a great range of accommodation choices in the University and local area, so there’s something to suit every need. These vary by location, facilities and cost.

You can choose to:

  • Live in Halls of Residence for your first year – you\\’ll have your own, furnished bedroom in a flat with other students, we have a range of options available where you will live with students from SOAS and other Universities across London.
    • The room types available include catered or self-catered halls. Costs range from £150.00 – £304.00 per week. These are on or close to our campuses, so you’re well connected to everything SOAS has to offer.
  • Live independently in a Privately Rented Flat or House Share
  • Stay with a Host Family who offer the opportunity to live as part of their family. The University of London can direct you to a number of Homestay agents

Students attending SOAS for undergraduate study will need to firmly accept their offer with SOAS in order to apply for our Halls accommodation.

Accommodation Office:

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